Project (Animation & Multimedia) 2019-2020


S.NO. Project Title Description
1 Libray Management This is console application without graphic and compiled in code::block with gcc compiler. This project has been divided into many functions. They are described each as following List of function and their description are:- voidmainmenu(void): This function is used to display main menu of project. voidreturnfunc(void) To return back to main menu .Inside this function mainmenu() function is called when user press enter key. voidaddbooks(void) To add books in a file. voiddeletebooks(void) To delete books from file. voideditbooks(void); voidsearchbooks(void); voidissuebooks(void); voidviewbooks(void); All above four functions does according to their name. int getdata() :This function is used to take required data input from user int checkid(int): This function check Id of book entered by user does exist in file or not. void Password(): This function asked user to input password but this function doesn’t give service to change password Using like this function is not good so don’t use in your project. voidissuerecord(): This function is used to keep record of student for whom book is issued.
2 Snake Game Snake Game is mini project of first semester build by students. It is console application without graphic library, which makes it more interesting. This game is perfect without any error and better user interface.
3 Quiz Game This project used file handling for storing, reading question and for storing score won by players.
4 Department store system This mini project is about department store. All features required for department store is added in this program This project is developed by first year students in C.
5 Personal Dairy Management System This project is also a console application written in C as a 1st year college Mini project “Dairy Management”. User can keep their personal record in this program. We can also keep records of the duration of tasks, time and date. All the data is stored in the file. All the tasks that we can perform are listed below:- MAIN MENU 1.ADD RECORD 2.VIEW RECORD 3.EDIT RECORD 4.DELETE RECORD 5.EDIT PASSWORD 6.EXIT
5 Telecom Billing Management System This project is developed by first year students in C language. File handling is used to store the data and corresponding function are made to manipulate the data. The tasks provide in this program are:- 1. A : for adding new records. 2. L : for list of records. 3. M : for modifying records. 4. P : for payment. 5. S : for searching records. 6. D : for deleting records. Users are provided the above tasks. They can add records, modify and view records. Searching and deleting facilities is also provided.
6 Bank Management System Bank Management System project is design and programmed by first year students in C. Program is completely password protected and has two modes:Admin and Staff mode. Bank administrator can login as admin user name is “admin” and password is “ioe” for admin mode. For staff mode three user names is available which is written as USER.
7 PHP Projects on Online Banking Online banking application or Net Banking was developed using PHP with MySQL database Online banking application or Net Banking was developed using PHP with MySQL database
8 Student information system project in PHP MySQL This engineering project is totally based on all advanced technologies like PHP script and MySQL database with AJAX, J Query, CSS and JavaScript.
9 Boom Chat PHP based chatting application,
10 Ping Food Android App online food order
11 Online LMS (Leaning Management System) PHP and SQL based system
12 Canteen management System PHP based system
13 Event OS PHP Based System
14 Online library PHP based system
15 Fest On Android based system
16 Online shopping Java, CSS
17 Tutorial site PHP
18 Antiragging Android base anti ragging prevention app
19 Automated Time Table Generator Python based application
20 Frankmates Social Media Site PHP Based application
21 Garbaze Management System Java based
22 Computer concept Website Jaava
23 Cafeteria Management Java