Project (Business Administration)

Project Idea

S.NO. Project Title Description
1 A Value Relevant Fundamental Investment Strategy The aim of this study is to investigate the possibility to improve the investment model defined in Piotroski and the subsequent research carried out on this model.
2 Tage Rejmes bil Ab: A Case Study of the Company’s Budget Process All companies need to plan their business and make projections about how they will do in the future; next week, next month, or maybe a year ahead. The most common management tool for planning a business is budgeting.
3 The Anatomy of Financial Crises and the Current One’s Effect on the Swedish Economy The subprime crisis started in the United States, but was soon transmitted to other countries and even to Sweden. The impact of the financial crisis has had negative…
4 Quality Online Banking Services (Management Project) Globalization and deregulations have increased competition in the marketplace, as nowadays it has become much easier for companies to cross borders and compete internationally. The increased competition, on its behalf, has made organizations to constantly try increase their productivity and decrease their costs. One way for them to achieve that is by investing in information technology.
5 The Practice of Project Management in New Product Development Microfinance is the provision of credit/loans to poor individuals for the purpose of income generation. The Sub-Saharan African region which is among the poorest areas in the world is thought to be one of the regions where the microfinance industry is dynamic and growing in terms of acceptance and patronage.
6 Board Composition and Financial Distress: An Empirical Evidence From Sweden and Denmark Recent failure of such companies as Enron, Worldcom and Parmala showed that there are internal reasons contributing to company’s financial distress. Financial distress is a condition when a company fails to meet its debt obligations. Board of directors is liable for long-term decisions and their ineffective work in monitoring and controlling management can influence companies’ performance.
7 Gender Difference in Financial Decision Making: A Quantitative Study of Risk Aversion and Overconfidence Between the Genders There is evidence that Sweden is a very gender equal society, actually number one in the world. The economic participation and access to the financial market between men and women is nearly equal and women hold similar proportions of total wealth in stocks and bonds.
8 Analysis of Car Industry in India on the Basis of Consumer Preferences (Management Project) The aim of the project was, to study and find the preferences of consumer for a specific car. Up to the end of nineties it was the monopoly of the Maruti Udyog. Now Indian Car Industry is one of the most competitive industries of the world. So the consumer is also differentiating while purchase.