Project (Animation & Multimedia) 2019-2020

Project Idea

S.NO. Project Title Description
1 Balloons Rising A balloon release is a ceremonial event in which a number of hydrogen- or helium-filled balloons are unleashed into the sky.
2 Car Driving We have came across so many Computer Graphics Program that draws Cars, including the racing games. In this post we are presenting 3D Car Animation, which is one the best OpenGL Car Program.
3 Leaf Falling The Tree Animation project consists of several files. Each element, like leaves, grass blades, and others are created in separate classes. The TreeGenerator class creates a tree from all the elements.
4 Coin Flipping As till date no flour is made which has the fish part in it. So, fish can be dehydrated and then ground to be mixed properly with the flour texture.
5 Thermometer Rising
5 Seesaw Moving